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Spectrum Health Systems Donates $463,500 Community Impact Grants in 2023

Published On: December 22nd, 2023

Spectrum Health Systems Inc., a not-for-profit organization providing a comprehensive continuum of substance use disorder treatment and behavioral health services throughout Massachusetts, announced that it has issued a total of $463,500 in grants to 59 local organizations through its Community Impact Initiative.

Spectrum’s Community Impact Committee was established in 2022 to provide financial support to local organizations that serve the communities where Spectrum programs are located. Spectrum staff nominate potential organizations, and the Community Impact Committee makes the final award decisions. Throughout 2023, grants were distributed to a variety of non-profit organizations providing  family services, food, and shelter such as St. Luke’s Guest House, Berkshire Community Diaper Project and multiple local Boys and Girls Clubs. Like Spectrum, these organizations share a mission of helping clients in recovery stay the course and improve the well-being of local communities.

“We are committed to increasing resources and access to care for individuals with substance use disorder,” said Kurt Isaacson, president and chief executive officer of Spectrum Health Systems. “I look forward to the work we as a committee and as behavioral healthcare providers have set out to accomplish for our clients, staff, and local communities to ensure that everyone is able to obtain the programming and services they need, now and in the future.”

“I’m proud of what our team accomplished this year with input from our staff and careful selection of the recipients through this initiative, as these organizations provide critical services and supports throughout the Commonwealth,” said Joe Rose, chief financial officer and community impact committee member at Spectrum Health Systems. “We will continue to support such organizations providing important programming and services for years to come.”

This year Spectrum issued three rounds of grants; first in March, contributing $137,000 to 13 local non-profit organizations, followed by a second round in July contributing $162,500 to 23 organizations, and this latest round in December supporting 23 organizations with $164,000. Spectrum and its Community Impact Committee are in the process of finalizing recipients for its next round of funding in early 2024.

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