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The Power of Treatment, As Told by an Anonymous “Thank You” Letter

Published On: November 3rd, 2016Categories: Treatment & Recovery

One rewarding aspect of the work we do at Spectrum Health Systems is being able to see the positive impact that treatment can have on an individual’s life. We recently received an anonymous letter from a former client who sought help for a heroin addiction through our Residential Program (RP) in Westborough, Massachusetts. This client fought through the tough times and challenged himself/herself to pursue their dream of becoming an attorney. We couldn’t be more pleased to hear of this incredible accomplishment, as it gives hope to so many struggling with addiction disorders by showing that treatment and recovery can open many doors, and dreams never thought possible, can be attained.

TO: Spectrum RP Faculty/Residents:

I attended your program in 2008 and completed the entire six months. Prior to going to Spectrum I had been incarcerated and constantly getting into trouble due to my heroin use. After going to Spectrum, I have achieved dreams far beyond any of which that could have been imaginable at the time of my beginnings in RP. I felt the need to write to you and express my deepest gratitude for how much you help me even nearly a decade later.

Most specifically, the power of “Thank You.” I abhorred that word and would frequently receive a second write-up following the first one for my failure to say it. Using that word in day-to-day affairs is invaluable and for that I am forever grateful for your program. I felt the need to send a letter to you so that in the wake of an epidemic killing most people with my disease, you see that the fundamental values RP instills in those suffering from an addiction last a lifetime.

Eight years off of heroin has been my story since departure from RP. In these eight years I have received a bachelor’s degree, completed two years of law school and am on track to be a practicing attorney in the Commonwealth in the next year. You can feel free to show this letter to anyone you so choose. I cannot thank the staff of RP enough for pushing me through difficult situations, including: peer awareness, forcing daily routines and forcing me out of the comfort level. These skills have allowed me to thrive in my daily affairs.

Thank You!

Thank YOU, anonymous client!

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