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Spectrum Health Systems Makes Long-Term Investment in Employees’ Professional Development

Published On: August 21st, 2019Categories: News, Spectrum Corrections

At Spectrum Health Systems, we attribute our success to our incredible staff. In order to attract and retain talented individuals who share our mission of providing the highest quality of addiction treatment, we offer a robust Educational Assistance program which supports all employees in their professional development. This year alone, we’ve provided more than $200,000 to support our staff in continuing their education. Clients ultimately benefit from having highly trained staff committed to enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Spectrum currently offers six different forms of reimbursement or tuition aid spanning in-house training, external certificate courses and post-graduate degrees.

  • Educational Assistance Policy – Since 2002, Spectrum has offered its employees $500-$1,500 per year in educational assistance for any professional courses of study which relate to the employee’s present job or enhances the employee’s potential for advancement within the company. Last year we provided $100,000 in assistance, up from $60-$65,000 during the previous year.
  • Spectrum Educational Institute – In 2008, we began offering free full-day trainings to staff on various topics ranging from Gang Unit Training to Stress Management on a monthly basis. Trainers include Spectrum staff and other experts in the field. Many of these trainings are eligible for continuing education credit hours.
  • CADC Program – In 2009, in partnership with Worcester State University, Spectrum created a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor program specifically for our staff. The 30-month program allows our employees to complete all required coursework and test for the CADC upon completion. CADC is an important distinction in the field and a great complement to our staff’s professional development.
  • WebBased Training via Relias Online Learning In 2011, Spectrum launched web-based trainings on a diverse set of topics via the Relias Online Learning platform. These topics range from health and safety to clinical documentation and client rights. In addition to completing certain required trainings each year, staff have access to a wide range of other relevant topics which they can pursue whenever they wish.
  • Trauma Informed Care Certification Program – Three years ago, Spectrum launched a special certificate program to assist staff working with clients dealing with trauma. Taught in-house by our own staff, this program consists of three separate trainings and a final exam. Interested staff are required to submit an application in order to participate in the program.
  • Graduate/Doctorate Degree Discounts – In 2019, we launched a new partnership which allows our employees to receive a discount up to 20% on specific graduate and doctorate degrees at Regis College, located just outside of Boston. Out-of-state staff are also eligible for discounted online graduate programs. Eligible certificate and degree programs that qualify for such discounts include CDAC – Certified Drug Abuse Counselor programs and majors centered on nursing and medicine, social work and mental health.

Spectrum believes ongoing professional development is essential to providing quality addiction treatment and we are proud to support our employees in advancing their skills and furthering their careers. If you’d like to join our team, check out our open positions here.

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