Spectrum provides a range of reentry programming designed to prepare offenders for sustained recovery and successful community reintegration. Individualized reentry planning is a primary component in most of Spectrum’s treatment programs. Offenders attend an extensive series of group counseling sessions covering issues related to release preparation and designed to reduce the likelihood of future relapse and recidivism.

In preparation for release, offenders develop a reentry plan to address individual needs in regard to housing, substance abuse, family, employment, education, health and mental health. Offenders also meet with Spectrum’s counseling staff for a series of individual sessions to identify necessary services, make appointments and establish linkages to appropriate community-based providers.

Following release, counseling staff monitor the offender for a period of time to evaluate the efficacy of the reentry plan and the offender’s compliance with it. Sometimes the plan is modified to reflect the offender’s changing needs and the challenges of community reintegration. During this time, the counselor provides support to the offender and maintains contact with community service providers and probation/parole, as needed.