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We’re Here for You: How Spectrum Health Systems Is Continuing Treatment Amid COVID-19

When the novel coronavirus hit the nation, our everyday lives were turned upside down – and for good reason. All of us hold a responsibility to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19 by staying home and only leaving the house for essential reasons.

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Our Family Engagement Specialist, Ronald Burgess

We have so many talented and dedicated employees at Spectrum Health Systems, and we want to make sure that we take the time to express our gratitude and highlight all of the amazing work they do for our clients. Today, we share a conversation with our Family Engagement Specialist Ronald Burgess.

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What Happens After Addiction Treatment? Your Guide to Post-Treatment Life

Oftentimes on our blog, we talk about life before recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, what to expect when entering treatment, how to find the right facility, etc. But post-treatment life is equally as important and can be just as confusing to navigate. It’s easy to stay on track and in a routine inside the walls of a treatment center, but once discharged, it’s all up to you to stay on the road to long-term recovery.

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How Westborough Firefighters Are Mitigating the Addiction Crisis Through Education

They see them every day in homes and in neighborhoods – overdoses. Day after day, they respond to calls and provide critical emergency services to people suffering overdoses or associated illness, transporting patients to hospitals and even providing help for people who ask for it. The Westborough Fire Department is tackling the problem head on by addressing opioid addiction and overdoses before they occur.

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The Challenges of Living with a Parent with a Substance Use Disorder

How it Affects Children and What Can Be Done to Help.

Anyone who has a family member suffering from addiction knows how painful it is to watch someone you love struggle with an all-consuming life-threatening disease. Challenges that come with living with someone that has a drug or alcohol addiction include mood swings and unreliability. For children whose parents suffer from addiction, these are more than just challenges. Often times, it comes down to a child being able to stay in their home or needing to live elsewhere.

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Underneath the Opioid Crisis in America: From Each State’s Perspective

The opioid crisis in America is in the news every day and its deadly and pervasive effect on our society is well known. Interestingly, not all geographic areas are experiencing this crisis to the same degree. Region by region, the numbers vary drastically. For example, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, opioid overdoses increased by 30% in 45 states, between 2016 and 2017. In big cities specifically, particularly in the Midwest, overdoses were up by as much as 54 to 70 percent.

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Be Prepared: How to Access Needed Addiction Treatment on Snow Days

It has been a snowy winter already, and we still have months to go! Snowstorms and icy roads make us all reluctant to leave our homes, but some people are rightly worried that inclement weather also means they are unable to access the treatment and medication they need for drug and alcohol addiction recovery. As a treatment provider in New England, we do our utmost to make sure that our outpatient clients are never without proper care.

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Goodbye 2019: A Look Back at All of Our Progress

Another year has come to a close and a new door is about to open. Whether you’re currently in treatment, recovery or active addiction, the new year is a fresh start for all of us.

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Expanding Access to Addiction Treatment is an Important Step to Combat Public Health Crisis

Addiction is a complex disease with no single solution. It’s not just the disease itself that can wreak havoc on a person’s life, there are many facets of the issue that make the road to recovery seem difficult. Arguably at the top of that list is access to reputable and accessible treatment options, which is why we recently launched two new innovative programs to help people across Massachusetts struggling from drug and alcohol addiction find and receive care quickly.

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Recap: Our Panel with Regis College on Careers in Addiction Treatment

The last five decades have been a roller coaster for addiction treatment – from the war on drugs to the introduction of medication-assisted treatment. On November 21, we co-hosted a panel discussion with Regis College about addiction treatment, behavioral health and career options in the field for 45 soon-to-be graduates as well as additional viewers tuning in through a live stream.

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