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National Recovery Month: A Look at Spectrum’s Outpatient Services

Published On: September 6th, 2022Categories: Spectrum Corrections, Treatment & Recovery

As part of National Recovery Month in September, we are spotlighting the missions and roles of each of our areas of service, as a full continuum of accessible treatment options is crucial for truly making recovery possible for all.

Our outpatient services, with 15 locations throughout Massachusetts, play a vital role in delivering low-barrier access to medications for addiction recovery and therapy for those struggling with substance use and co-occurring disorders.

In the last five years, Spectrum added five new outpatient facilities in Millbury, Milford, Pittsfield, Weymouth, and Worcester, launched The New England Recovery Center, and completed construction of its newest inpatient facility, the Charles J. Faris Recovery Center, in Westborough.

Our outpatient treatment centers provide a range of individual, group, and family counseling services to adults at various stages of recovery. We also work closely with family members, educating them about addiction and supporting their involvement in the recovery process. In addition to treatment clinicians, clients are assigned a Recovery Support Navigator who helps monitor their progress and keeps them on track.

Those taking the crucial first step of reaching out for help benefit from a single-day admission process which allows clients to begin treatment and recovery without delay. Upon admission, a comprehensive intake evaluation is performed, including meetings with nurses, physicians, and a medical coordinator to develop an individualized treatment plan. Medications can even be dispensed on that very first visit.

The goal is simple: our outpatient program is looking for ways to proactively help those who seek treatment to get it right away. Whether that means assisting those who need to procure an I.D., or offering flexible scheduling times, our focus is squarely on catering to the individual needs of each client who comes through our doors. Each site even offers walk-in hours so that clinical help is available outside of pre-scheduled appointment times.

Addiction remains an epidemic, both locally and nationally, and increasing access to treatment is essential to combat it. Spectrum’s outpatient services have and will continue to support our mission to provide the highest quality of services to individuals seeking treatment by delivering widely accessible, evidence-based treatment and mental health services to all who need it.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction or a substance use disorder, call Spectrum Health Systems today at 1-877-MyRehab.

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