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Employee Spotlight: Meet Our Inpatient Nursing Supervisor, Kelly Field

Published On: May 19th, 2020Categories: News, Spectrum Corrections

Our nursing staff is at the heart of treatment here at Spectrum, always going above and beyond to care for clients, run programs, and respond to emergencies. In celebration of National Nurses Month, we’re highlighting Kelly Field, the Inpatient Nursing Supervisor at our Westborough, Massachusetts campus, to get a closer look at the amazing work that she and all of our nurses do year-round.

What is an Inpatient Nursing Supervisor?

As the Inpatient Nursing Supervisor, Kelly Field supervises 64 staff members– 62 nurses, one medical coordinator, and one charge nurse – at our Westborough inpatient location. She is responsible for compiling reports and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, as well as recruiting, onboarding and training new staff. She also participates in the strategic planning and growth of the inpatient division, working closely with the Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director to create new and innovative ways to improve medical operations. She is integral not only to the day-to-day operations of Spectrum’s inpatient programs, but for brainstorming and planning for the program’s future success.

There is never really a typical day on the job for Kelly, serving as the point person for her large staff. Whenever someone is having an issue, or needs help answering a question or responding to an emergency, Kelly is there to provide support in whatever capacity they need. She’s also there to provide support for clients, which can be one of the most challenging aspects of the job. Some clients “are very motivated to change,” says Kelly, “but are also struggling immensely due to various reasons. It breaks my heart to hear some of these clients’ stories.”

Nursing in an addiction treatment center is different from nursing at a hospital or other medical clinic. Clients come in with unique challenges, and rather than just hands-on nursing, there is much more assessment and critical thinking involved in trying to determine the best course of treatment for each individual.

“As important as programs like these are for people who are struggling with addiction, the unfortunate reality is that there are still many barriers preventing people from getting the treatment they need,” Kelly said. “However, there is hope for the field — not only in the increasing number of nursing schools focusing on addiction, but in the successful outcomes we witness every day.”

What is Detox and Inpatient Rehab Like?

In Westborough, Kelly oversees four medically monitored (meaning, there is always nursing and/or physician oversight) inpatient programs. We offer two detox programs with 24-hour nursing care designed for clients in acute withdrawal. Nursing staff closely monitor clients’ withdrawal symptoms and administer medication to make them as comfortable as possible, based on the severity of their symptoms.

Spectrum also operates a 50-bed clinical stabilization services (CSS) program on the Westborough campus. These clients have access to nursing staff eight hours a day. The primary focus of CSS is to bridge the gap between detoxification and aftercare by providing continued treatment, further stabilization and comprehensive discharge planning and placement services. If appropriate, clients also receive help getting set up on their preferred mode of medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Our Westborough campus has a similar residential program for privately insured clients called the New England Recovery Center, with daily access to the nursing staff.

Why Is Addiction Treatment Important?

“I believe treatment programs are a necessity for recovery,” she continues. “It is very rare that you come across an individual who is successful without the aid of a treatment program. These programs give clients the foundation to start re-building their lives, brick by brick. We also provide them with the tools necessary to remain successful once they leave treatment.”

Sometimes, Kelly and her staff will receive a letter from a former client, informing them that they are still in recovery and thanking the Westborough team for saving their life. “That, to me, makes everything worth it.”

“I came into this career not knowing what to expect,” Kelly went on. “I have grown to love it and cannot picture myself doing anything else. It is the most challenging yet most rewarding position I have ever had!”

For us, National Nurses Month is about honoring the essential role that nurses play in our treatment programs. We couldn’t be more pleased that we have Kelly at the helm of our inpatient programs, leading our nursing staff in work that is more important than ever. Kelly, and all of our nurses, make our work at Spectrum Health Systems possible.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an alcohol or other drug addiction, call Spectrum Health Systems today at 1-877-MyRehab. Also be sure to attend one of our Family Education forums to learn more about the nature of your loved one’s addiction and how you can support their recovery efforts.

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