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A Letter from Our President: Kurt Isaacson Reflects on 2022

Published On: December 23rd, 2022Categories: News, Spectrum Corrections

2022 was an interesting year in healthcare. With much of the world finding its footing in the ‘new normal,’ providers were hard at work continuing to keep clients and patients safe while deciding which pandemic-era policies and practices were here to stay, and which could be discontinued. This was no easy feat, and the entire staff across the Spectrum Health Systems’ continuum of care went above and beyond to meet the challenge. It is The Spectrum Way, and to say that I am proud is an understatement.

The role that our staff plays, day in and day out, in delivering quality services and continuing to grow our organization, is commendable. That has never been more apparent, with 2022 seeing many high-profile promotions and appointments across the company.

Amy George returned to Spectrum in January to serve as our Executive Director of Community Relations. In March, not one, not two, but eight senior leaders were promoted to higher level positions to represent the breadth of their responsibilities, including Kristin Nolan, Christopher Petrozzi, Stacy Flanagan, Lisa Blanchard, Cindy Buraczynski, David Nefussy, Earl Warren, and Theresa Amico. A few months later, we were thrilled to announce three more advancements: Jonathan Miller to Chief Information Officer, Mark Orris to Executive Director of Inpatient Services, and Rachel Sasseville to Director of Training. In addition, we were joined by Christina Cronin, Athena Haddon, and Alicia Hashey, three impressive individuals with unique and extensive backgrounds critical to maintaining and expanding our services.

Helping to address addiction for individuals in the correctional system is an important part of our mission, and we were able to expand and extend those efforts twice in 2022. We renewed our contract with the Department of Corrections (DOC) in our home state of Massachusetts where we’ve provided in-prison treatment for nearly thirty years. Spectrum’s contract with Virginia DOC was also re-awarded, expanding our services to eight facilities including two therapeutic community programs, four community corrections alternative programs, one work center program, and one work release program.

The good news does not stop there. The foundation has been laid for several exciting announcements soon to come. We are working hard as we gear up for the opening of a new peer recovery center in Lynn, Massachusetts – a critical service that will benefit the local community and build upon our peer recovery support services in Lawrence, Marlborough, and Worcester. We will also continue to make waves as an innovator on the forefront of accessible treatment options when our mobile addiction treatment van officially hits the road.

At Spectrum, we strongly believe that recovery is for all: every person, every family, every community. To ensure it is accessible for all, we must do everything in our power to increase access to treatment for those who need it. The expansions of our services already in place and those planned for the year ahead are making great strides towards this goal.

Those consistent innovations and improvements would not be possible without you, either. As a supporter of Spectrum Health Systems and the New England Recovery Center, we value your partnership and your contributions.

Thank you for another year of progress,

Kurt A. Isaacson

For more on Spectrum’s developments in 2022, see our 2022 Year in Review

If you would like to support our mission for 2023, please consider donating online here or by sending a check to Spectrum Health Systems, Inc., 10 Mechanic Street, Suite 302, Worcester, MA 01608

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