487 Essex Street, Lawrence, MA

31 Main Street, Marlborough, MA                                                                                                                                              

25 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA

Spectrum hosts three peer recovery support centers in Lawrence, Marlborough and Worcester, Massachusetts.  Peer recovery support centers provide volunteer-driven education and support services for adults at varying stages of recovery.  The main goal is to promote sobriety and help individuals living in the community sustain their recovery from alcohol and other drug use.  All activities and services are led and driven by “peers” – that is, individuals who have experienced addiction and recovery, either directly or as a family member or friend.  Each center offers a variety of support groups, recreational activities, social events and volunteer opportunities.  Members also have access to onsite computers and a wealth of resource materials.   

For more information, please call 1.978.655.3674 (Lawrence), 1.508.485.0298 (Marlborough) or 1.508.799.6221 (Worcester). 


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