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Understanding Spectrum’s Outpatient Opioid Treatment - Part 2

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is available at Spectrum’s numerous outpatient treatment centers located throughout Massachusetts. Clients will receive a comprehensive clinical assessment, complete medical evaluation, medical monitoring, daily onsite dispensing, individualized treatment planning, educational services, and individual, group and/or family counseling. Active treatment planning and support services are also available to help ensure sustained recovery.

Spectrum offers same-day MAT admission according to a set schedule. This allows clients to complete the intake process and, if appropriate, receive their first treatment. Our same-day admission schedules are as follows:

  • FRAMINGHAM - Friday 6:30am
  • HAVERHILL - Thursday 6:30am
  • LEOMINSTER - Tuesday 6am
  • MILFORD -Thursday 6:30am
  • NORTH ADAMS - Call 800-464-9555 ext 1161
  • PITTSFIELD - Call 800-464-9555 ext 1161
  • SAUGUS - Every other Thursday 6:30am
  • SOUTHBRIDGE - Tuesday 6:00am
  • WALTHAM - Tuesday 8:00am
  • WORCESTER (Lincoln Street) - Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 5:30am
  • WORCESTER (Merrick Street) - Monday/Friday 7:00am
The requirements for same-day admissions include:
  • Valid picture identification
  • No benzodiazepines or methadone in person's system without a prescription or last dose letter
  • No illicit use for twelve hours prior to admission
  • Must be experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • Valid insurance or payment agreement for self-pay clients (debit/credit cards and money orders accepted)
  • Additional restrictions may apply
To learn more about Spectrum’s medication-assisted treatment, please call 1.800.464.9555 extension 1161
For more information about MAT and how it can help you or a loved one:
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