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Understanding Spectrum’s Levels of Inpatient Care

At Spectrum we spend a significant amount of time thinking about, and planning our services to ensure the most complete continuum of care possible for our clients. We wanted to take a moment to describe the various levels of care found in our Massachusetts based inpatient programing, and show how each level can be a beneficial component of the recovery process.

Acute Detoxification Treatment
Spectrum’s detoxification (detox) services are arguably the most well-known aspect of a recovery program, with many treatment providers only offering detox services. But at Spectrum we consider it just the beginning, so we offer inpatient detox programs providing 24-hour medical supervision and nursing care, ensuring a safe withdrawal from opiates, alcohol and other drugs for our clients on both our Westborough and Weymouth campus. Because we think it’s so important, we place emphasis on engaging clients in continued treatment following the completion of detox. Length of stay in detox is based on individual medical need, but generally averages around 4-5 days. While in Spectrum’s detox program expect to find a safe and medically managed regimen that will help prepare clients for the next step in the recovery process, including the development a comprehensive personalized recovery plan. We also offer multiple forms of education and counseling services as a part of the detox program including crisis intervention, twelve step fellowships, motivational counseling and education around substance abuse itself. Anyone who is 18 years of age or older could be eligible for Spectrum detoxification services.

Clinical Stabilization Services
For clients who don’t qualify for detox due to not exhibiting symptoms of withdrawal or those who have already completed detox, Spectrum’s Weymouth facility operates a 30-bed Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS) program for adult males. CSS serves an important role in Spectrum’s continuum of care providing short-term residential treatment, stabilization and comprehensive discharge planning. This program includes assessment of client needs, treatment, individual and group counseling, health education and monitoring, after-care planning and follow-up. Length of stay ranges, but can last up to 30 days.

Transitional Support Services
Spectrum operates a 30-bed short-term residential program offering Transitional Support Services (TSS) for both men and women to connect them with long-term treatment, sober homes or recovery homes following detoxification. TSS affords people a supportive and therapeutic program to bridge the gap between inpatient detoxification and a long term recovery plan. In TSS case managers meet with clients regularly to develop and implement an individual service plan in order to prepare for the next phase of their recovery. Daily groups are held to clients in this transition period. As with CSS, length of stay varies, but the average is between 15 and 25 days, determined by availability of their next level of care.

Residential Treatment
Finally, Spectrum operates multiple residential treatment programs in Massachusetts including the recently opened 104-bed Charles J. Faris Recovery Center for men and women, the 36 bed New England Recovery Center, and an 18-bed program specifically for young adult males, all on our Westborough Campus. In addition we also have a 30-bed therapeutic community treatment program for men in Weymouth.

In our residential programs clients are expected to participate in a structured schedule of recovery groups, individual counseling, educational and group lectures, health and wellness education, and treatment planning along with recreational activities. Individual progress is assessed every 30 days allowing length of stay to remain flexible based upon individual progress.

For clients who successfully complete their treatment plans, comprehensive family services and continuing care planning may be available in order to ensure continued treatment and prevent relapse following discharge from the program.

We hope you find this overview helpful. We know making decisions regarding a recovery program for you or a loved one can be stressful enough. By choosing Spectrum as your partner in recovery, you’re guaranteed the most comprehensive continuum of care available in the region. From inpatient and residential services, to medication assisted treatment and outpatient counseling, Spectrum Health Systems is ready to provide the addiction treatment you need to start your recovery along with a seasoned and dedicated staff to help you navigate the process.
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