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Breast Cancer Awareness

On October 31st, staff at the Johnson State Prison in Wrightsville, Georgia acknowledged Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The main lobby of the institution was set up with literature, tokens and refreshments for the staff to enjoy. The staff actively participated in wearing Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirts that were ordered through Tracy Allen-Linder for the occasion. In addition, three staff members (Lt. Donna Soles, Counselor TaWanda Basley and Nurse Ana Jean Mitchell) who are breast cancer survivors were presented gifts and showered with lots of pink all around them.

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Professional Excellence Award

First Step Program Director Rachael Boland received the contract vendor award for professional excellence at the Massachusetts Department of Correction's (DOC) Beyond Excellence Award Ceremony on November 8th. The DOC referenced multiple areas of Rachael's high performance and leadership at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution (MCI) inFramingham.   

Rachael was cited as essential in the implementation and ongoing compliance of the new civil commit procedures.  Rachael was further recognized for her high graduation rate of 892 inmates/detainees within the year, her creative approach in maximizing the programming time each inmate/detainee receives, and her eagerness to welcome institutional tours to the First Step Program and highlight all it has to offer.  The DOC highlighted Rachael's optimistic attitude and strong leadership skills and stated their belief that Spectrum and MCI Framingham are fortunate to have such a dedicated professional.   

This was Rachael Boland's second professional recognition within the past year. In April, she also received a Spectrum award for innovation at the MADOC's 3rd Annual Excellence in Corrections event.


Pictured: (left to right) MCI Framingham Deputy Superintendent Lynn Lizotte, MADOC State Director Earl Warren, First Step Program Director Rachael Boland, MADOC Regional Director Jaime O'Neil.    

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Female Services Potluck

On November 22nd, Spectrum's Female Services for the Massachusetts Department of Correction contract held a "Program Potluck."  The team building and informational luncheon brought together all Spectrum programs between two state institutions serving female offenders -- MCI Framingham and South Middlesex Correctional Center -- in order to build connections between programs and staff.  The luncheon included a description of each program's purpose, goals and objectives provided by frontline clinicians, planners and coordinators.  The potluck was coordinated by Counselor Denise Anyosa.

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Shout Outs

Dawn Collinge, Spectrum State Director in Georgia, recognizes Dr. Janie Oliver who was named Employee of the Month for October at the Appling Integrated Treatment Facility. Congratulations!

Dawn also welcomes new Clinical Psychologists Dr. Pamela Thompson to West Central Integrated Treatment Facility and Dr. Robert Frady to Appling Integrated Treatment Facility. Welcome aboard!

Also in Georgia, Dona Davis, Program Director at the Arrendale Probation Substance Abuse Treatment Center wishes to congratulate Counselor Leighanne Edwards who became a certified alcohol and drug counselor (CADCII) in October and Counselor Larissa Jackson who became a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor in October. Well done Leighanne and Larissa! Dona reports 80% of the staff at Arrendale are now certified or licensed. Woo-hoo!


Sabrina Hudnall, Spectrum's Florida State Director, recognizes Katrina Payne, the Program Director at Jackson Correctional Institution, who received her Florida Certified Addiction Professional Certificate (CAP) on October 28th. CAP is the highest level of certification in the addictions field in Florida. Way to go Katrina!


The leadership team in Washington State welcomes the following new hires: Yohan Chung, Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP), William Haggerty, Chemical Dependency Professional Trainee (CDPT) and Jaune Sonnier, Co-occurring Disorders Chemical Dependency Professional (COD CDP) at the Seattle Community Justice Center; Stephen Cutrell, CDP, at Olympic Corrections Center; Marla Cook, CDPT, at Spokane Community Justice Center; Cyndee Hester, CDPT, at Airway Heights Corrections Center; and, Isaac Dockter, COD CDP, at Monroe Correctional Complex. Welcome one and all!

Washington State Director Perry Mowery and his staff also recognize Tiffany Traylor and Doug Dawson at Airway Heights Corrections Center and Bonnnie Rick and Tennille O'Blenness at Spokane Community Justice Center who recently passed their CDP exam and were promoted to Chemical Dependency Professionals. Well done! Also, kudos go out to Sabrina Newton and Doug Dawson who received an employee referral bonus for successfully referring a candidate to Spectrum. Thanks for contributing to our growing team!


In other news, Herm Ryans and Laura Johnson were chosen by the Department of Corrections staff at Airway Heights Corrections Center as contract staff of the quarter. Way to go Herm and Laura!


In Massachusetts, Mark Brown, Director of the Adolescent and Peer Recovery Support programs, recognizes Athena Haddon who was the keynote speaker for the 2013 graduation ceremony honoring the graduates of RCAP Solutions Safe Step Program. Safe Step is a homeless prevention and economic development program for domestic violence survivors. Thank you, Athena, for all that you do!


In one of our most outstanding Shout Outs to date, Kristin Nolan, Executive Director of Outpatient Services, tells us about the amazing and, well I'll say it, heroic actions of Ann Joy, a registered nurse at our Lincoln Street Outpatient Clinic in Worcester. On Saturday October 12, 2013 during dispensing hours, a code blue was called in the parking lot. Ann responded to the incident and brought nasal Narcan with her.  Narcan is a drug that can reverse an opioid overdose. It blocks opioids from attaching to opioid receptors in the brain. Narcan is active for about 30 to 90 minutes in the body.

The nasal Narcan was administered to a man inside a vehicle who was not currently a client of Spectrum.  Ann then recognized that the man was having respiratory problems as his color began to turn blue.  The man was removed from the car and Ann administered rescue breathing and monitored him until the paramedics arrived. Ann's response to this incident was quick, efficient, and commendable. She remained calm and potentially saved the man's life. Thank you, Ann, for your quick thinking and smart actions!

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