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Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of a new outpatient clinic located at 42 Summer Street in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The new location will offer medication-assisted treatment and counseling, beginning Tuesday, October 9, 2012. For more information on admissions, please contact the intake department at 1-800-464-9555 extension 1161.

pittsfield“We are pleased to offer our services to address the growing need for treatment in Pittsfield and its surrounding communities,” said Kristin Nolan, Spectrum’s director of outpatient services. “Local residents will no longer have to travel round trip as far away as Springfield and Holyoke on a daily basis to get treatment. That travel time is certainly a hindrance to an individual trying to integrate back into being a productive member of the community.”

Spectrum’s outpatient counseling program serves adults with chronic substance abuse and/or mental health issues, targeting the dynamic risk factors commonly associated with addiction and mental illness. Counselors begin by engaging the individual in order to build trust, acceptance and mutual respect. Active treatment is used to build the skills needed for recovery. Relapse prevention training, comprehensive after-care planning and linkages to community resources help facilitate sustained recovery following discharge.

Through its holistic approach, Spectrum’s medication-assisted treatment program addresses the varied aspects of each client’s personal well-being. Methadone is available for longer-term maintenance. Active treatment planning and support services are designed to help ensure sustained recovery. The core of Spectrum’s treatment approach is a cognitive-behavioral group therapy curriculum that fully supports client involvement in community self-help recovery groups.

Spectrum's Behavioral Health Division offers a full array of CARF-accredited substance abuse and mental health treatment services. The Westborough Treatment Campus, based in Massachusetts, serves as the flagship of Spectrum Health Systems. It is the largest substance abuse treatment facility in New England, providing inpatient detoxification, transitional support services and residential rehabilitation. Spectrum also provides a comprehensive array of ambulatory services to clients at various stages of recovery at clinics located across the state. 

Spectrum's full range of services offers individuals with mental health and substance abuse disorders the opportunity to transition to less intensive treatment modalities as their recovery progresses. In total, Spectrum's Behavioral Health Division serves nearly 3,000 individuals each day.

Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit substance abuse and mental health treatment provider.  The organization currently treats 45,000 individuals each year through more than 125 programs in community-based settings and correctional institutions throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa, Maine, Florida, and Washington State.

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