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Spectrum Health Systems' COO Peter Rockholz and VP of Clinical Development Dr. Romas Buivydas recently took part in the Colleges of Worcester Consortium conference "Addressing Substance Abuse on Campus -- It's not just alcohol anymore!"

Spectrum was a major sponsor of the one-day conference, held at Worcester's Beechwood Hotel on April 20, 2012, which addressed alarming trends in college students' substance abuse on campus, including the use and misuse of legally prescribed drugs, over-the-counter medications and illegal substances.

Mr. Rockholz moderated a panel discussion, "Perspectives from the Field: Substance Abuse on College Campuses." The panel included presenters Lt. James Johnson, head of the Worcester Police Department Alcohol Enforcement Unit and Anti-Crime Unit; Lisa Remick, retired Drug Enforcement Administration special agent; and, Spectrum's Dr. Romas Buivydas.

Dr. Buivydas also presented the breakout session, "Substance Use Identification and Treatment," which provided an overview of the physiological and psychological effects of the major classes of drugs that are abused, as well as newly trending drugs of abuse that are likely to be found on college campuses.

The conference attracted over 150 student affairs professionals, directors of wellness and counseling centers, health services professionals, physicians, faculty, administrators, campus public safety staff, residential assistants, student leaders, community leaders and agencies, and law enforcement professionals.

Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. is a private, nonprofit substance abuse and mental health treatment provider. Spectrum operates over 100 institutional and community-based programs in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Georgia, Tennessee, Maine, Iowa and Washington State – serving more than 40,000 individuals each year.

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