Featuring Spectrum’s Correctional Recovery Academy program at the Tennessee Prison for Women

Correctional systems now more than ever are concerned about efficacy and return on investment.  The mere provision of treatment services is not a guarantee that reductions in recidivism and the tax payer burden of re-incarceration will be actualized.   We believe the difference between “those who say, and those who do” lies in what we call the “Spectrum Way.” 

The following briefly summarizes some of Spectrum’s unique capabilities.

• Public Safety/ Recidivism Reduction – Spectrum’s in-prison and community-based programs have posted reductions in recidivism in EVERY state in which we provide treatment:   Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Georgia, and Washington State.  We’d be happy to share details of these evaluations upon request.  

• Evidence-Based / Research Informed Curriculum - Our proprietary copy written evidence-based cognitive behavioral curriculum engages participants in cognitive restructuring, and interpersonal skills building within a highly structured social learning milieu.  It’s time-tested and produces quantifiable reductions in recidivism!  Our program model was published in the Offender Programs Report Journal Vol.16, No.6 Pages 81-96, March/April 2013.
• In-house Therapeutic Community Experiential (TCE) Training – In October 2014, Bret Youngblood joined Spectrum as the Director of Correctional Treatment Operations. Mr. Youngblood is a highly skilled correctional treatment administrator and TCE Trainer.  Bret has provided highly acclaimed TCE training and consultation across the United States.  Our newly revised TCE training will have an optional Motivational Interviewing orientation for those systems that prefer a more evocative modified therapeutic community approach.  We offer TCE Training to current contract holders and those that may be interested in training alone.  

 Federal Grant Writing - Our non-profit 501c 3 designation enables us to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in Federal and private foundation grants for pilot projects, capacity building, technical assistance and process improvement initiatives.  We maintain one full-time grants manager who works with state correctional systems to identify funding opportunities and grant writing collaborations.

• Internationally Recognized Expert Advisory Panel - Spectrum is the only national Correctional Treatment Provider that has an internationally recognized Advisory Committee comprised of Kevin Knight, Harry Wexler, Ken Minkov, Igor Koutsenok, and Lisa Najavits.  These thought leaders are available for training, consultation and technical assistance, representing a myriad of expertise including addictions, offender assessment, co-occurring disorders, therapeutic communities for offenders, research, and trauma informed care. 

• Research & Institutional Review Board (IRB) - Spectrum’s commitment to advance the behavioral sciences is hallmarked by our Senior Research Advisor Harry Wexler, Ph.D. An in-house IRB enables Spectrum to expedite human subject studies to support methodologically rigorous outcome research.

For more information, please contact Christopher Petrozzi, Senior Vice President for Correctional Services at (508) 272-5085 or by e-mail at Christopher.Petrozzi@spectrumsys.org.      

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