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Spectrum Experts Make a Case for Medication-Assisted Treatment in Prisons at Recent Corrections Conference

Earlier this month, our Vice President of Clinical Development Dr. Romas Buivydas and State Director of MA Correctional Services Earl Warren teamed up to present to attendees of the American Correctional Association’s winter conference about the importance of adopting medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in America’s prisons. It’s a hotly debated topic ...

January 24th, 2018|

An Inside Look: Outpatient Treatment

Entering treatment is critical for anybody struggling with a substance use disorder, but beginning the process can be intimidating. You’re not sure what to expect, and there’s a lot of misinformation out there. In our Inside Look series, we’re taking you behind the curtain of Spectrum Health Systems to prepare ...

January 12th, 2018|

Spectrum Health Systems’ Residential Substance Abuse Programs Receive 3-Year CARF Accreditation in Georgia

Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. has received another three-year accreditation from CARF International for the organization’s state-wide Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Programs (RSAT) in Georgia. CARF accreditation is awarded to providers who meet state-of-the-art national standards of performance. Providers who seek CARF accreditation must demonstrate a commitment to evidence-based practices and continual quality improvement.

January 10th, 2018|

An Inside Look: Residential Treatment with Spectrum Health Systems

At Spectrum Health Systems, we’re all about demystifying the road to recovery. So far, we’ve walked you through medication-assisted treatment, insurance coverage, clinical stabilization, and most recently, inpatient detoxification. The next step in the process, following clinical stabilization, is residential treatment. Residential treatment, also known as rehab or inpatient treatment, ...

January 4th, 2018|


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