Spectrum Health Systems is now providing clients with medication-assisted treatment services at its new Outpatient Treatment Center in North Adams, Massachusetts. The outpatient center located at 1274 Curran Memorial Highway is Spectrum's tenth in Massachusetts.

"When we looked at where clients in our other outpatient centers were traveling from, it was clear there was need for medication-assisted treatment in Northern Berkshire County" said Kristin Nolan, Spectrum's vice president of outpatient services. "With increased access we ensure clients receive the treatment, education and support they need to further their recovery while maximizing their productivity." added Nolan.

Through its network of outpatient treatment centers, Spectrum provides counseling and medication-assisted treatment to the rising number of individuals addicted to opioids.  The North Adams center will improve access to treatment for individuals in Berkshire County, Southern Vermont and Eastern New York State -- three areas public health data has shown in need of increased options for treatment as the opioid epidemic continues. 

Spectrum's evidence-based, holistic, medication-assisted treatment program addresses the individual aspects of each client's recovery needs. All clients receive a complete medical evaluation, monitoring, daily onsite medication dispensing and counseling sessions.  In addition, individualized treatment planning provides opportunities for further educational and family support services.

Active treatment planning and support services are designed to help ensure sustained recovery. The core of Spectrum's treatment approach is client education and a cognitive-behavioral group therapy curriculum that fully supports client involvement in community self-help recovery groups.  Based on a set schedule, Spectrum offers same-day admissions which allow clients to complete the intake, physical exam, toxicology requirements and, if appropriate, receive their first dosage of medication.  For admissions information, please call 413-664-9024.

Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit substance abuse and mental health treatment provider.  In addition to Massachusetts, Spectrum operates programs in Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington State - serving more than 48,000 adults and at-risk youth each year. 

Brendan Melican, Public Relations Manager
(508) 792-5400 x7113

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