Romas Buivydas, Ph.D., Spectrum’s Vice President of Clinical Development, gave a presentation focused on recovery-oriented systems of care (ROSC) at Milford Regional Hospital’s Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) meeting on May 6, 2014, as part of Spectrum’s ongoing Public Education Program.

spectrum-public-education-programAs discussed in the presentation, ROSCs are networks of formal and informal services developed and mobilized to sustain long-term recovery for individuals and families impacted by substance use disorders. In a ROSC, the primary question shifts from “How do we get the client into treatment?” to “How do we support the process of recovery within the person’s life and environment?”

The presentation was attended by twenty psychiatrists, ER physicians, hospital and community clinical social workers, nurses, patient safety assistants and primary care site coordinators. As an outcome of the presentation, there will be a group of PFAC members touring Spectrum’s Westborough Treatment Campus later this month for a firsthand look at the continuum of substance use disorder treatment services offered, from inpatient detoxification to aftercare services, and how they operate as part of a ROSC network.

Spectrum’s Public Education Program offers presentations to community members and professional groups on a variety of topics, free-of-charge.  If your group or organization would like to schedule a presentation, tailored to a specific audience, please contact Brendan Melican at (508) 792-5400 x7113 or


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