Spectrum Health Systems is now providing clients with medication-assisted treatment services at its new outpatient clinic in Waltham, Massachusetts.  The 210 Bear Hill Road address is Spectrum's seventh outpatient clinic in Massachusetts.


210-bear-hill-road-waltham-2Spectrum opened an outpatient clinic in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in the fall of 2012 and will be opening its first out-of-state clinic in Sanford, Maine, near the end of this month.

Through its holistic approach, Spectrum’s medication-assisted treatment program addresses the varied aspects of each client’s personal well-being. All clients receive a complete medical evaluation, medical monitoring, daily onsite medication dispensing, a comprehensive clinical assessment, individualized treatment planning, educational services, and individual, group and/or family counseling.

Active treatment planning and support services are designed to help ensure sustained recovery. The core of Spectrum’s treatment approach is client education and a cognitive-behavioral group therapy curriculum that fully supports client involvement in community self-help recovery groups. 

The Waltham clinic will soon offer same-day admissions according to a set schedule.  The same-day admission process allows clients to complete the intake, physical exam, and toxicology requirement on the same day and, if appropriate, clients may also receive their first dose of medication.

For admissions information, please call 1.800.464.9555 ext. 1161.

Andrew Strecker, Development Associate
(508) 792-5400 x7113


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