Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. began new corrections programs in Georgia at the West Central Integrated Treatment Facility, Appling Integrated Treatment Facility and Turner Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Facility this past July. The Integrated Treatment Facilities are the first programs in the state to provide treatment to offenders with co-occurring disorders.

The program at Turner Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Facility will accommodate 200 male probationers who will participate in a six-month treatment program targeting non-violent criminal offenders with substance-related disorders. The integrated treatment programs will be nine months in length. The West Central Integrated Treatment Facility will accommodate 138 female probationers and the Appling Integrated Treatment Facility will accommodate 200 male probationers.    "This facility will treat offenders' mental illness and their addictions so we can get them back to their homes and back into their communities," said Brian Owens, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Corrections, at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the West Central Integrated Treatment Facility.   

"We are proud to be part of the tremendous criminal justice reforms ushered in by HB 1176," said Christopher Petrozzi, executive vice president of correctional services for Spectrum Health Systems. "These programs are shining examples of Georgia's commitment to support evidence based treatment interventions that address the needs of offenders in ways that support public safety and community reintegration."  

The Georgia Department of Corrections also held ribbon-cutting ceremonies at each of the other new facilities to recognize the addition of these much-needed treatment beds and to highlight the addition of the first treatment programs designed specifically to address co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders in the Georgia correctional system.  

Spectrum began its community-based and in-prison treatment programs in Georgia in 1994, and currently serves over 10,000 individuals annually at 10 locations.   Spectrum's Correctional Treatment Division was established in 1993 to provide specialized treatment to criminal offenders with a history of chronic substance abuse. Working in partnership with host institutions, correctional personnel and parole authorities, Spectrum's Correctional Treatment Division prepares program participants for maintaining a lasting recovery, thereby reducing the risk of relapse and recidivism over the long term.

Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit substance abuse and mental health treatment provider.  The organization currently treats 40,000 individuals each year through more than 115 programs in community-based settings and correctional institutions throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa, Maine, Florida, and Washington State. 
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