With a network of substance abuse treatment programs currently operating in eight states, Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. has developed and fine-tuned its recruitment, training and retention strategies over many years.

Spectrum’s comprehensive staff training program ensures that all staff are adequately prepared to fulfill their job responsibilities and provide the highest quality of service. All training is CEU approved and competency-based. Spectrum adapts training to meet the needs and preferences of the Department of Corrections as needed. More often than not, annual training per staff member far exceeds contractual requirements.

Trainers include experts in the field and members of Spectrum’s senior clinical team who are experienced national presenters. Spectrum has established strong working relationships with a number of well known authorities in substance abuse treatment. Spectrum often invites these professionals to provide training for Spectrum staff throughout the organization.

Over the past ten months, Spectrum has provided week-long intensive training sessions for counseling staff working throughout the Massachusetts state prison system. In Washington State, Spectrum held a two-day training on group facilitation, treatment mapping and evidence-based treatment, featuring sessions presented by Kevin Knight, Ph.D, associate director of criminal justice services at the Texas Christian University of Behavioral Research. Most recently, Spectrum provided a three-day training for staff in Tennessee.

Spectrum encourages cross training with security personnel whenever possible. Spectrum’s comprehensive training curriculum is designed to build cross-disciplinary understanding and cooperation among addiction treatment, mental health and criminal justice professionals. This approach gives insight to security staff regarding Spectrum’s treatment philosophy and methodology while encouraging their support of the program which again contributes to quality outcomes. At the same time, it gives Spectrum staff an added appreciation for the complex role of the security staff at each host facility.

Spectrum also offers customized training programs for state Departments of Correction throughout the country on a range of topics, including:

• Post-traumatic stress disorder
• Re-entry planning
• Identification of mental health disorders
• Gangs
• Suicide prevention
• Treatment for mental health disorders
• Identification of substance abuse issues and treatment
• Professional boundaries
• Conducting client assessments
• Group facilitation skills
• HIV and communicable diseases
• Methadone and methadone maintenance
• Cognitive-behavioral techniques
• Overview of 12-Steps
• And more

Spectrum’s training is flexible in order to address the specific needs, schedules and resources of each state agency. Those interested in discussing their individualized training needs and Spectrum’s customized training programs should contact Romas Buivydas, Ph.D., Vice President of Clinical Development at (508) 792-5400 extension 7107.

Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit substance abuse and mental health treatment provider. Spectrum currently operates programs in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Georgia, Tennessee, Maine, Maryland, Iowa and Washington State – serving more than 45,000 adults and at-risk youth each year.

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