Worcester Magazine
Date: 4/26/16

Kurt Isaacson has been named the new president and CEO of Spectrum Health Systems.

Worcester Magazine
Date: 2/17/16

Chuck Faris joined Spectrum Health Systems as a counselor in 1971, not long after the start of a new decade. Now, 45 years later, and a little more than halfway through the second decade of a new century, he is calling an end to a career that saw him rise all the way to the top.

Worcester Business Journal Online
Date: 2/15/15

When Kelly McCausland was teaching yoga and mindfulness at rehabilitation facilities, she had a lot of interactions with patients who believed in their sobriety, only to succumb to their addiction months or even weeks later.

The Boston Globe
Date: 3/22/15

Mornings start with yoga and meditation. Then there's breakfast, the first of three gourmet meals a day. After dinner, a massage helps to calm the mind and muscles before bed.